Editor, Proofreader & Professional Writer

The documents you write have a huge impact on the reader's opinion of your professionalism, knowledge, and credibility. Have those documents proofread and edited by a professional editor.

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Author Support

Coaching services are ideal for support, guidance, feedback, and accountability in your writing.

Your work needs to be properly edited, formatted, and assembled before it can be published. I can provide those services at a reasonable cost.

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Lawyer Support

We provide legal research, analysis, and writing services to Florida lawyers.

Your motions, briefs, orders, or legal memoranda will be professionally prepared by an attorney with an intensive background in research and writing.

Hire me

Let me help you tell your story. I’ve been writing copy on the internet for over twenty years. Whether you are working on an online course, a book or a website, I can help you get your copy into shape so that you can share your beautiful work with the world. More About Me.